error 0x803f8001 win10phone in updating minecraft

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asked Jan 20, 2016 by chandra69rao (120 points)
I get this error 0x803f8001 when i update Minecraft.
I have tried all sorts of fixes but nothing worked.
I was suggest by my friend to post a question on this website!
Additional Details Nokia Lumia 520 Windows 10

1 Answer

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answered Jan 20, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
Have you tried uninstalling the app, then reinstalling? With the reinstall, it will get the latest update. It may also be possible that the update has just been released with bugs, in that case waiting a few days and then trying should fix it.
commented Jan 21, 2016 by chandra69rao (120 points)
the problem is if I uninstall it I would have to pay and buy the game!
that's wasting money right?
commented Jan 21, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
If you've already purchased it, you will not be charged again.

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