Windows Update stuck at "checking for updates"

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asked Jan 22, 2016 by JewTownSkid (120 points)

Hi, I am trying to run updates on a laptop after a fresh install of Windows 7 updates were going fine until this last batch has it stuck at "checking for updates".  I need to get this computer added to the domain, but to do so I need to get Windows Update to run a few more updates as well as the connector uses Windows Update Standalone Installer.  So at this point I am sort of screwed.  I have followed all instructions on various websites including this one with no avail.  As I can tell, I think I have a corrupt registry file but I don't know for certain.  

I have uploaded log files from Windows Update as long as from SFCFix here.

Please help me, I need this computer on the domain this afternoon! 

-"Miffed" Mike

Additional Details HP Probook 4510s
commented Jan 22, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
Please download and run SURT tool and provide CheckSUR.log file.

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