Update download stops on Windows 10?

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asked Jan 23, 2016 by Vatche (230 points)
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Is it something to worry about when my Office Service Pack 2 update has stopped at 40%?  I have since turned the PC on and it has not moved an inch from 40% and whilst there are other already-downloaded items awaiting installation, I guess they will only be installed after the service pack has been downloaded fully?


p.s. Hmmmm.... I restarted the PC once again this morning and lo and behold all the updates are there ready to be installed. They are being installed as I write this... ALTHOUGH it says Error for the download of Office Service Pack 2. I wonder if this error/download will be rectified or if it will be downloaded again
Additional Details HP Pavillion, Windows 10 Home Version 10 - Build 1024

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answered Jan 23, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
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If you don't notice any significant errors while using programs, then you're okay. Otherwise, it will need to be troubleshooted. You can follow the steps in the post http://appuals.com/best-guide-how-to-run-sfc-scan-in-windows-10/

commented Jan 23, 2016 by Vatche (230 points)
Thanks Kevin,
Does that mean Windows will not try and re-download/install the Error-ed updates?
commented Jan 23, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
It will attempt automatically. Update process is automated, unless the user has changed settings. If updates fail, it will show up as an error. In that case, we can troubleshoot it.
commented Jan 23, 2016 by Vatche (230 points)
Thank you Kevin. You are one hec of a guy helping us out.
Update is now upgrading to Windows 10 build 1511. I will see what happens after I restart the pc .  I have also downloaded Service Pack 2 for Office 2010 (I was surprised it was so easy) and, if all else fails, I may just install that one.
Cheers Kevin and I will keep you posted.
commented Jan 23, 2016 by kevinarrows (5,110 points)
Thank you :)
commented Jan 23, 2016 by Vatche (230 points)
Hi Kevin

Reporting back:  Windows 10 did download and install the failed updates including Office SP 2and all other Office and Windows updates.
Am a happy man :)

Thanks for your help.

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